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At Global Rebirth Leadership University [GRLU - U.S.A], we have partnered with GLOBAL REBIRTH LEADERSHIP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL INC USA to provide ordination and spiritual coverings for the ordination of men and women whom the Lord has called for His work upon the earth. The purpose of ordination is to recognize men whom God has called, to set them apart for ministry, to safeguard the ministry, and to provide an occasion that will encourage them in years to come.

Ordination is an important event in a man’s life. If God has called you to ministry, aspire to ordination. You do not usually ask for it yourself; your church should do so. Still you can aspire to it, desire it, and move toward it in your life as led by the Holy Spirit. Don’t fear ordination. The process is difficult and challenging, but it can be a real blessing as you study the Scriptures and express Biblical truths. Your ordination will be an event you can lean on later as a confirmation of God’s call to the ministry.

Ordination Categories

We offer ordination into ministerial offices for which the Lord has called his people for kingdom service to God and humanity on the earth.

  • Bishop
  • Apostle
  • Prophet
  • Pastors
  • Evangelist
  • Intercessor

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